Barnes & Noble is just one of many businesses leveraging Cyber Monday's growing popularity among holiday shoppers.

International book retailer Barnes & Noble, like so many other retailers, launched aggressive Cyber Monday promotions, including discounts on all of the media they sell. All of its Cyber Monday deals are detailed on a dedicated landing page for Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials, and marketers should take note of the value of this page: It comes out toward the top of related Google searches.

Searching for “Black Friday Cyber Monday deals on books” produces the Barnes & Nobles deals’ landing page near the top of page one results, giving the retailer visibility alongside for this phrase. Additionally, the company scores points for accurately and descriptively publishing content about deals on its nook, which Google Trends notably reveals is gaining search traction during this busy shopping season. The company’s ereader, deals could help B&N boost the nook’s market share in the face of heavy competition from the iPad and Amazon’s newly released Kindle Fire tablet.

Among the advertised discounts are 50 percent off all books appearing on the New York Times bestseller lists, 44 percent of ebooks and 50 percent and free shipping on certain electronics. For those buying gifts for others, Barnes and Noble is offering a free $10 gift card when a consumer buys $100 in gift cards.

Beyond marketing the discounts themselves, the company pushed some of their fastest-moving titles on their home page, showing that the appropriate placement of content is key to the purchase funnel. Walter Isaacson’s biography of recently deceased Apple founder Steve Jobs is among the most prominently featured titles.

Moreover, Barnes and Noble is using social media marketing as part of its Cyber Monday deals as well. If search results don’t attract traffic to the website, the company’s Tweets might. Throughout Monday, it promoted some of its discounts and included links directly to various product pages on Twitter.

More businesses should take a page out of B&N’s book to boost their holiday shopping sales, and those with integrated content marketing campaigns in place today might be rewarded with abundant Cyber Monday sales. Brafton reported that more than 120 million Americans plan to make purchases on Cyber Monday. Total sales are projected to surpass last year’s lofty totals, which reached more than $1 billion on the day. 

Joe Meloni is Brafton's former Executive News and Content Writer. He studied journalism at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and has written for a number of print and web-based publications.