A report from Experian Hitwise shows Google is still the leading search engine with more than 65 percent of all queries.

A report from Experian Hitwise found that Bing-powered search made modest gains in October, improving its market share by 2 percent. Despite the improvements, SEO marketers should note that Google still holds a commanding lead with 65.3 percent of all search queries.

Bing-powered search refers to both Bing and Yahoo, as both sites rely on Microsoft’s engine to produce their results.

Google has wavered between 65 and 66 percent of the market in the last few months. However, the company is in no danger of losing a substantial portion of its lead, as it seems Bing has failed to provide users with substantial benefit to change their search habits.

Experian’s report also provided interesting data regarding search term trends. According to the report, search queries including between one and four terms are the most popular, while five- and eight-word searches are the least popular. Developing keyword strategies for SEO campaigns should focus on two- to four-word terms to demonstrate the best results.

Quality SEO campaigns (which should be relevant across engines) have proven to boost sales and conversions for businesses. Brafton recently reported that B2B companies saw the best results with SEO, compared to PPC campaigns and social media marketing

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