Brafton’s all-inclusive content catalog breaks down the diverse formats that can be used in content marketing, highlighting which are best suited for specific business goals.

Press Release from Brafton Inc.

Brafton Inc. has announced the launch of its content catalog, a tool designed to illustrate the best marketing uses for various content types. The content catalog, which covers 18 marketing-friendly kinds of content, offers guidance on how to incorporate different formats into a cohesive, goal-focused strategy.

As more companies expand the variety of content they use for marketing, Brafton’s executive directors recognized an absence of resources that explain the strategic connections between editorial formats and business goals. The catalog provides an overview of how content can work across sales and marketing funnels, with recommendations on pairing content types to target a range of business needs.

“Brafton takes pride in producing smart content and effective strategies that help to achieve results aligned with a business’ objectives,” said CEO Richard Pattinson. “Our newly published content catalog is intended to distill much of what we know works best online into a user-friendly format.”  

The catalog is a reflection of Brafton’s commitment to providing increasingly sophisticated strategies and content for customers. It maps distinct formats to various stages of purchase journeys and offers key analytics to measure for each content type.

“We know that the average business uses approximately 18 kinds of content to market itself online, but most marketers are uncertain how to leverage different content types to particular commercial goals,” Pattinson said. “The content catalog is designed to bridge that gap.”

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