Millennial Media says the automobile industry has been one of the most aggressive adopters of diverse digital marketing campaigns.
Marketers in the automotive industry should take note that content is key to consistent prospect engagement. A study from Millennial Media found that nearly one-quarter of consumers who keep up with auto info (21 percent) read automobile content daily.

The company’s study found improving brand awareness and market presence are primary goals for 19 percent of companies in the auto industry. The consumer-facing element of the poll demonstrates that the market for informative, engaging content exists, and companies leveraging it could see greater conversions.

As in other industries automobile companies are succeeding in targeting specific audiences with varied content. The rapidly growing mobile user base demands that content of all kinds be easily accessible through smartphones and tablets.

“Mobile ad spend in the automotive industry has grown over 200 percent in the last year, and advertisers are recognizing that they can make a real impact with consumers,” Jamie Fellows, senior vice president of products at Millennial Media, said in a release. “Whether they are trying to increase brand awareness, drive consumers to a dealership or increase app downloads, mobile is a medium which works for auto advertisers.”

While informative content and mobile-friendliness can improve a user’s experience once he or she lands on a web page, driving traffic is a critical element of success. Creating original content with a clearly defined keyword strategy can help businesses boost SEO rankings, and frequently updating this content is good for attracting both readers and search crawlers. This is a point automotive marketers might consider especially as the Millennial Media study shows that 31 percent of consumers who demonstrate interest in the industry view related content at least weekly.

One potentially tricky element of content creation for auto marketers and others is targeting information to a specific audience. Businesses hoping to engage multiple demographics must create content marketing plans tailored to each niche. Brafton recently reported that content marketing experts believe tailoring content to audience behavior is the best way to convert site visitors.

Joe Meloni is Brafton's former Executive News and Content Writer. He studied journalism at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and has written for a number of print and web-based publications.