Brafton has several teammates heading to Hubspot's Inbound conference in Boston. Find out which sessions we'll be attending.

It’s an exciting week in the content marketing scene, and a busy one at Brafton. On top of jetsetting to Cleveland for Content Marketing World, we’ll be attending our hometown conference in Boston, Hubspot’s Inbound.

With keynote speakers including Chelsea Clinton, Aziz Ansari, Seth Godin and Hubspot founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, the four day-conference is expected to bring in more than 10,000 attendees.

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Brafton has more than 15 teammates attending the conference this year. Meet a few of them:

Mark Griffith

Senior Content Marketing Strategist

  • Mark G 100x100Most excited for:  Everything about Inbound is exciting, and representing the undeniable amount of marketing talent and vision in Boston certainly tops the list.
  • Most looking forward to: Marc Maron. Aside from being a fan of his comedy for most of my life, the way he’s captured the attention of his audience as an early adopter of the Podcast medium is nothing short of amazing. He’s led the movement to recognize that sometimes we don’t need to create new channels to reach an audience, but instead we can reimagine a tried and true format updated for a modern world. This refreshing line of thinking is something all marketers should be excited about.

Hadley Pendleton

Content Marketing Manager

  • Hadley P 100Most excited for: How to more quickly and efficiently develop and report on strategies that show ROI  
  • Most looking forward to: Optimizing the Past: How to Get More Traffic & Leads From “Old” Blog Content – I’m so excited for this session simply because so many of my clients have hundreds, if not thousands of older blog posts. I can’t wait to come back with ideas on how to best repurpose some of those pieces to optimize their strategy even further.

Michelle Joseph 

Senior Business Development Executive

  • Michelle JosephMost excited for: Aziz Ansari. Aziz is one of my favorite comedians and now favorite author. After reading his book Modern Romance, I am most excited to hear him talk about the radical changes technology has on communicating and engaging with someone both personally and professionally. As well as get his take on how to engage prospects in this new digital age where in-person meetings are being replaced with video conferencing/screen shares and phone calls are being replaced with email correspondence.
  • Most looking forward to: I am looking forward to networking with sales and marketing professionals who understand that brands, no matter who they are targeting, all should have one thing in common: The ability to digitally represent their brand and instill trust and credibility when it comes to their product / service. Most importantly though, the value of a dynamic content strategy to assist with getting that message across.

Thomas Foutsitzis

Associate Content Marketing Strategist

  • Tom FMost excited for:  Learning more about optimizing user experience and lead generation.  Also, how search has evolved and how to strategize accordingly.
  • Most looking forward to:  No-Fail Website Redesigns: How to Successfully Redesign Your Inbound Website for Massive Lead Conversions. User experience and how that goes hand-in-hand with lead gen is my absolute passion within the content marketing world.  I am also working on a website redesign this month where lead gen is the client’s #1 goal, so I am hoping this session will allow me to make it the best it possibly can be.  

Lydia Beebe

Lydia BTalent Acquisition Manager

  • Most excited for: I’m relatively new to Brafton, so I want to learn everything I can about the innovative digital marketing world. I want to understand how companies are utilizing cutting edge marketing strategies to transform the digital landscape.  I also am extremely excited to meet marketing and sales professionals from all over and see how they are transforming the marketing space in their own companies. And of course if any one is interested in learning about career opportunities at Brafton, I’d be happy to discuss!
  • Most looking forward to:  I am very excited for Chelsea Clinton’s keynote speech. I always found the Clinton family to be dynamic and truly inspirational.

Serge PSerge Pisarevskiy 

Senior Business Development Executive

  • Most excited for: Hearing Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah speak about changes within Hubspot as a company and the marketing industry as a whole.
  • Most looking forward to: How Google Drives a Culture of Innovation. I’m always intrigued by the latest advancements at Google, and I’ll be visiting their office in Zurich in a few months, so this session is a must-see. 

Carmen Sanchez

Social Media Strategist

  • Carmen SMost excited for: I’ll be attending the Facebook Marketing Success session and I’m excited to gain more insights about how I help my clients reach their goals using Facebook. I’m also interested to see how those insights can be integrated into other social media channels.
  • Most looking forward to: Sophia Amoruso, founder and CEO of the online retailer, Nasty Gal. I have a background in consumer and retail studies so it would be really exciting to hear about how she has made her company one of the fastest growing online-retailers today while only being 28 years old. She’s truly an inspiration for young entrepreneurs.

Jess LockeJess Locke

Senior Business Development Executive

  • Most excited for: Inbound Rocks with Amy Schumer!
  • Most looking forward to: Networking with Marketers who are looking to take their Online Marketing and Content Strategies to the next level.

David Behuniak

Dave B 100Content Marketing Strategist

  • Most excited for:  More about the advancements in the areas of digital marketing that I don’t get to play with every day – like email and social.
  • Most looking forward to: Aziz Ansari. Comedians are great at what they do because they can articulate a complex idea or sentiment in a way that is easily relatable. That’s content marketing, in essence. I am interested to see how Aziz tackles inbound marketing.

Stefanie Roberts

Content Marketing Strategist

  • Stefanie RWants to learn: How to do my job better, and more effectively. So much goes into being a strategist, so if I can learn some tips and tricks to efficiently show ROI, I will consider it a huge success.
  • Most looking forward to: Aziz Ansari, simply because I absolutely love Parks & Rec and he is hilarious. He also has written books, has a successful comedy tour and appears to be quite good at spreading awareness about himself and what he does.


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