White papers and video marketing were said to be the most successful content formats when it comes to capturing qualified leads.

Lead generation might be B2B marketers’ top goal for 2015, but leads don’t always turn into sales. In fact, Hubspot data suggests 79 percent of marketing leads never convert into sales.

The challenge is bringing in qualified leads. Only 2 percent of marketers feel they have a highly effective strategy that delivers quality leads, according to the CMO Council’s latest report. Why aren’t brands capturing qualified leads? It appears their strategies are misguided, casting too wide a net that’s missing the mark for qualified buyers and creating the wrong kinds of content to generate top-notch leads.

Brands aren’t thinking about the target audience

There are several factors that contribute to a lack of qualified leads – starting with a strategy that isn’t designed with the audience in mind. Only 12 percent of marketers surveyed said they create content with specific customers, markets or industries in mind, which means 88 percent of businesses use ineffective targeting techniques. 

In order to capture the attention of a qualified lead, marketers need to create content that’s personalized to answer specific questions and pain points. At Brafton – one way we create content to address specific users’ queries is through question mapping.

Here are the other factors that contribute to ineffective lead generation:

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The best content for qualified leads

Most B2Bs create brochures, slide presentations and videos for their lead generation tactics. In comparison, white papers and videos were said to be the most successful content formats when it comes to capturing qualified leads.

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Why we recommend white papers

  • The ultimate thought leadership play. White papers provide the opportunity to share thoroughly researched industry expertise.

  • It’s typically a gated asset, meaning users have to share their contact information to gain access.

Why we recommend videos

  • Videos are simply the best way for brands to show off products. One LiveClicker study found 57 percent of brands saw average order values increase after users watched even one video.

  • It’s quick and engaging. Four of out five consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read a text-only article about it, according to an Animoto study.

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