As mobile technology has moved into the mainstream, marketing strategies have followed suit.

As mobile technology has moved into the mainstream, marketing strategies have followed suit. According to one expert, this trend has afforded businesses new ways to communicate and share information with their customers – and content marketing for mobile audiences might be a way to reach the right prospects at the right time.

Writing for, BuzzCity co-founder and CEO KF Lai asserted the future of marketing is mobile. This trend, he said, provides businesses with the opportunity to reach to customers more directly, and marketers would be well advised to develop strategies that take advantage of the technology.

“It is apparent that mobile is here to stay and there is a real opportunity for businesses to take advantage of this direct route to their audiences,” Lai wrote. “A bold step is needed by marketers to evolve their strategies and move ahead with the times.”

His theory about mobile outreach opportunities is supported by experts at the recent SMX Advanced conference. As Brafton reported, attendees discussed the SoLoMo revolution – social content, local content and mobile access are proving to increase brand engagement among nearby consumers who are likely to convert.

Lai pointed out that user experience is important for mobile, as consumers tend to approach their mobile devices differently than other forms of media. Compared to PC users, mobile users are likely to spend less time browsing the mobile web. This means mobile marketing strategies must be direct and to the point, able to capture a user's attention quickly and effectively.

Though consumers may be more inclined to use their mobile devices for quick look-ups rather than lengthy browsing, a recent study from the Mobile Marketing Association and Google found this habit is changing. According to the report, 58 percent of surveyed smartphone owners say they browse the mobile web every day.