Facebook's S-1 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission revealed that more than 900 million users are currently active on the network, and marketers will be pleased that overall engagement on the site is climbing as its user base grows

Social media giant Facebook recently reported that it has surpassed the 900 million-user mark, with more than 901 million accounts currently active on the network. The company reported this as part of its S-1 filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

According to Facebook, this represents a 33 percent increase from March of last year when the company reported more than 680 million users. On a daily basis, 526 million people access their accounts on the website. This figure represents a 41 percent increase from 2011 when an average of 398 million accounts were accessed daily.

In the U.S., an average of 129 million people access the site each day, compared to 105 million 12 months ago. On a monthly scale, 188 million Americans and Canadians regularly log into the site, which means more than 68 percent of account holders in the U.S. and Canada access the platform at least once each month.


Facebook's monthly global users has increased drastically in the last 12 months.

In terms of mobile and social activity, Facebook has seen similarly impressive gains in the past year. The┬ácompany reported 488 million mobile monthly global users in March of 2012, compared to 288 million in March of 2011. Mobile social use is rising rapidly, with last month’s figure representing more than 12 percent growth over December of 2011 when 432 million users accessed Facebook via portable devices.

Facebook use among American and Canadian users has maintained steady growth since March 2011.

As usage climbs, so does engagement. Facebook generated more than 3.2 billion Likes and comments per day combined, the company reported. This figure demonstrates the gap between Facebook activity and Google+ activity, with the latest figures from Compete indicating that the +1 button generated 2.7 billion shares over the course of a month.

Facebook attributes much of its recent revenue success to increased user engagement. “The average amount of content and feedback created by each user has continued to increase over time,” the report affirms. This should be good news to marketers looking to generate brand interaction on the site.

Social media marketing on Facebook is increasingly popular, with more than 42 million businesses maintaining Pages on the network.

More companies are using Facebook as part of their social media marketing campaigns, and those already active on the platform plan to invest further. Brafton recently reported that 92 percent of companies using social to engage with prospects consider Facebook their top priority.