Facebook continues to roll out social media marketing features that give brands more control and creativity over their paid ad campaigns.

As part of Facebook’s ongoing efforts to streamline paid advertising on its social network, the company recently announced changes to its Page post link ads that make it easier for marketers to customize their social media content. The latest revamp, which intends to improve conversions, includes three updates:

The first is the ability to upload preferred images. Facebook originally sourced its thumbnail images from brands’ websites, but marketers can now select pictures that best display products and services.

“[This] means more flexibility for advertisers … [who] can upload any image they believe will drive the most conversions to their website,” the Facebook Studio blog post states.

The second is the option to construct unpublished Page posts in the ad create flow. With this new feature, Facebook gives them more control and flexibility when creating tailored messages for target audiences. In the past, advertisers could only promote existing content.

Page post link ads on News Feeds perform better, generating a 53 percent return on investment in seven days.

Finally, marketers can choose whether they want Page post link ads displayed in their News Feeds or the right-hand column before they’re published. Previously, ads were automatically posted to the right of News Feeds. However, an analysis of conversion rates proves that Page post link ads on News Feeds perform better, generating a 53 percent return on investment in seven days.

Brafton previously reported that brands can generate impressive results from Facebook’s paid social marketing options. A Triggit report found Facebook Exchange (FBX) ads generate 5x higher clickthrough rates than strategies that display ads in the right-hand column.

Paid ads can be wise for brands that want to strengthen or kick off their social media marketing campaigns, but businesses should use these practices to build momentum for organic social engagement. If companies have solid social visibility, they won’t need to pay to get into prospects’ News Feeds.

Lauren Kaye is a Marketing Editor at Brafton Inc. She studied creative and technical writing at Virginia Tech before pursuing the digital frontier and finding content marketing was the best place to put her passions to work. Lauren also writes creative short fiction, hikes in New England and appreciates a good book recommendation.