Yesterday, Google announced that it's predictive search technology, Google Instant, is now available for mobile web users.

Yesterday, Google announced that it's predictive search technology, Google Instant, is now available for mobile web users. This means on-the-go shoppers will get search suggestions, and marketers catering to mobile audiences must plan SEO tactics accordingly.

As with the desktop version that launched in September, Google Instant will allow mobile searchers to see predictions and relevant results as they type their queries. The beta version is now available for iPhone and Android devices in America. Google explains that this development is pushing the limits of mobile browsers, and officials say the feature will work best with 3G and WiFi networks.

It remains to be seen whether predictive results on smaller screens will have the same impact as those on desktop monitors. Some early testers suggest it is hard to see results pages with touchscreen keypads and query fields taking up the majority of their screens.

Nonetheless, marketers may want to more strongly consider optimizing their sites for Instant suggestions now that they are available to on-the-go audiences. Morgan Stanley data indicates that mobile web users will exceed desktop users by 2015.

When planning SEO with Instant results in mind, marketers should consider Brafton's report on search experts at ad:tech 2010. Search Engine Land's Chris Sherman speculates that using longtail search phrases will help sites become more visible to Google Instant searchers.


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