Hi, Brittany Cornell here, with this week’s Content & Coffee. If you can’t get enough of the World Cup right now, then you deserve a pat on the back considering more Americans find the World Cup to be a ‘big bore’ than exciting. BUMMER! Click play on the video below or scroll down to read a transcript. 

Anyways, whether you’re snoozing or celebrating during the World Cup, here are a few tips on what marketers can learn from it this year:

1. It’s more than a Game 

As the governing body of the most popular sport in the world, FIFA is responsible for more than just game coverage and merchandise. They’re using the World Cup as another platform to broadcast their Anti-Discrimination campaign through video content, articles, merchandise and the games themselves. 

It’s even helping them combat the bad press from the past. FIFA’s President is emphasizing how discrimination has no place in their game, and how we can build a better future through soccer. The FIFA website and app are also largely dedicated to social responsibility and the Anti-Discrimination campaign. 

2. Air Ball! Catching the trend  

Brands might get bonus points by talking about values their fans have, but it’s a bad idea to jump on the bandwagon halfheartedly. In Club Soccer, Barcelona’s UNICEF jerseys also demonstrate social responsibility, having given UNICEF $2 million for its promotion. And when the jerseys changed from a non-profit to commercial sponsor, they absolutely felt some heat from their fan base.  

3. Take the shot on goal    

So what’s next? Owning a topic that goes beyond what’s expected of you is a stellar way to earn respect and trust from your customer base. But make sure you’re ready to be consistent, because showing community focus and social responsibility can keep you in the game.

And there you have it! Tweet any questions to @Brafton, and Go USA!!

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Brittany Cornell is a graphic designer in the Boston area. She studied graphic design communications at Roger Williams University, and began her design career at SmartPak. Her favorite design projects include branding and illustration, but outside of work her real love is horses.