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    5 steps to get the most ROI out of your infographic [infographic]

    Your infographic isn’t meant to sit solely on your website. Bring in ROI by repurposing and distributing across your marketing channels.

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    5 lessons designers can learn from Google Maps’ update

    Google Maps made some subtle but effective changes to their design. Here are the 5 lessons you can learn from their update.

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    In defense of Pantone 448 C, the so-called ‘ugliest color’

    Pantone 448 C is now known as the “ugliest color on earth,” but that doesn’t mean you need to keep it out of your marketing palette.

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    Top graphic design trends for 2016 marketing: Usable, mobile, accessible

    To stay ahead of the curve in 2016, graphics need to be appealing and optimized for all media and devices. Here’s how to get the most out of your graphics.

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    Strategy – not budget – is marketers’ biggest challenge with visual content

    A visual content marketing strategy is crucial for being successful, but strategy is the biggest challenge companies face in this arena.

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    95% of marketers say visual content is more effective than text

    Visual content makes marketing strategies more effective, and companies are outsourcing their design work to counter time-management challenges.

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