Instagram's new privacy policy will allow the platform to better integrate with Facebook.

Content marketers recognize the need for multimedia content that will drive consumers to their websites and social media marketing pages, but things may have gotten easier for marketers looking to save time on their marketing efforts.

“Our updated privacy policy helps Instagram function more easily as part of Facebook by being able to share info between the two groups. This means we can do things like fight spam more effectively, detect system and reliability problems more quickly…”

Instagram, a photo-sharing platform that is rapidly rising in popularity, recently announced an update to its privacy and terms of service policy, which will help the platform share information with Facebook. The integration of the two popular platforms will give content marketers the ability to streamline their efforts.

According to Instagram, the new policy will help fight spam and abuse as it shares info with Facebook, which bought the social media network in April of this year. Brafton reported that Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion, and that Facebook’s image-featuring timeline has lead to increased engagement on the platform, proving visual content reigns supreme on the web.

Content marketers looking to inspire social media users should focus on using Facebook and Instagram together. Instagram’s snazzy filters allow amateur photographers and professionals to edit photos so they look aesthetically pleasing and inspire audiences to checking out a brand.

Emma Siemasko is a former member of Brafton's editorial team. Emma has experience with blogging, travel writing, industry news, SEO and content marketing. She used to live in South Korea, where she mastered the art of using metal chopsticks.