Microsoft’s Live Search is now part of social networking resource Facebook, it has been announced.

In a post on the Microsoft‘s Live Search blog, Angus Norton, senior director of Live Search product management at the software company, states US users of the site now have the option to either "search Facebook" or "search the web".

The firm’s adCenter resource is also delivering adverts alongside the results of these searches.

Mr Norton says the move represents a "great first step" in Microsoft’s partnership with the social networking site.

"As we evaluate user feedback and results we’ll explore additional ways to integrate Live Search more deeply into the Facebook experience," he adds.

Concluding, Mr Norton says Microsoft will make further announcements on the partnership in the weeks to come.

In other news, Lane Rau, marketing manager at the Microsoft Research Machine Translation team, recently announced on the same blog that Microsoft Translator is now available through Live Search.

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