StumbleUpon recently announced new integration with Facebook, which will allow users to post StumbleUpon activity to their Timeline. This might facilitate branded content sharing.

StumbleUpon recently released a new app to allow users to share content from the social discovery tool directly with their Facebook Timelines. The feature is available to all StumbleUpon users who connect their accounts from the sites, and it might facilitate business’ chances of getting their content spread across multiple social networks.

According to StumbleUpon, the tool must be activated by users, as the company avoids forcing anyone to use different features.

For marketers, the integration could make social media marketing campaigns even more valuable. As StumbleUpon users share content from the platform directly onto Facebook, the types of content they read on the website will provide insights into their preferences on the web. Moreover, it increases the likelihood that a business’ content will be shared and a brand can reach more fans and followers.

Given recent concerns over Timeline’s tendency to become cluttered, bordering on spam, the StumbleUpon app will group content together. As users like and share more content to their Facebook Timeline, all of the activity will be found under a StumbleUpon icon on the Timeline, rather than as a series of independent updates.

Developing new ways to let users share website content has been a goal of StumbleUpon for most of the last year. In December, Brafton highlighted a series of adjustments to social sharing that allowed users to post websites to social networks, as well as email them to friends and other contacts.

Additionally, StumbleUpon rolled out social media marketing tools for businesses on its platform. Companies can now create their own channels on the site, which will allow brand fans to see their favorite companies’ content directly on StumbleUpon. This and other new features, such as the Facebook Timeline integration, will keep the platform fresh and give companies, as well as consumers, a greater impetus to use it.

Joe Meloni is Brafton's former Executive News and Content Writer. He studied journalism at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and has written for a number of print and web-based publications.