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    Study: Google +1 boosts organic clicks (and SEO)

    A study from SEO Effect indicates that +1 content catches more clicks, though the question of whether consumers will adopt a “+1 mentality” is still on marketers’ minds.

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    Google acquires PostRank: Will +1 be a social search ranking factor?

    Google has acquired the social analytics firm PostRank, and marketers might ask themselves if this means +1 and social search will become key to SEO.

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    Google search goes visual with updated Image results

    Google Image results have been updated, making visual content key to SEO.

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    Data suggests Twitter marketing meets demand

    New research from both Pew and Edison indicates that Twitter adoption is slow but steady, and brands are likely to find advocates via Twitter marketing.

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    Schema is a new organization that offers webmasters mark-up data to make site design more manageable and search results more info rich.

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    Smartphone owners prefer to search the mobile web

    BIGresearch reports that smartphone owners are increasingly likely to shop the mobile web, and content marketers should remember to cater to on-the-go consumers.

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    Survey says Google is first step to online purchases

    A recent survey reveals that Google is online shoppers’ first stop when making purchase decisions.

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    Email marketing converts recipients

    A study from Epsilon shows that open and conversion rates demonstrated modest annual growth in Q1 2011.

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    New Twitter search speaks to visual and social SEO

    Twitter’s new search gives users relevant visual content in addition to tweets, and social marketers should make note.

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    Social search marketing alert: Google officially launches +1 button

    Google has announced the release of its +1 button for websites, and content marketers may find it brings social advocacy to their search results.

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