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    US marketers ‘increasing SEO spending levels’


    Despite fears of a recession, many US marketers plan to maintain or increase their budgets as well as increase spending on search engine optimization (SEO), a new report has shown.

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    Ask.com narrows its targets


    Search engine Ask.com has stated that it is to stop chasing Google users and focus its efforts on a narrower market.

    In an announcement on Tuesday, the company reported it intends to return t

    ‘Millions of people’ experience mobile marketing


    Almost a quarter (23 percent) of US citizens, some 58 million people, report that they have viewed advertising on a mobile phone in the last 30 days, a new report […]

    Email promotion ‘useful during slump’


    During a recession or economic slump, companies which continue to promote themselves through tactics such as email marketing could find they "pull away" from their competition, an expert has

    Obama ‘overlooking optimization’


    The official website of Barack Obama, candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, should be optimized, it has been claimed. Writing on the ClickZ network, Kate Kaye observes that a number […]

    Bloggers ‘engage with online news’


    Prolific bloggers are likely to engage well with online news content, according to figures from comScore. The industry analyst defines "heavy bloggers" as the one in five users who spend […]

    SEO ‘big help’ for online businesses


    Search engine optimization (SEO) is a "big help" for online businesses looking to raise their revenues, it has been suggested. IT development firm Prime Outsourcing explains that, with the right […]

    SEO ‘needs expertise’


    Website owners should seek the assistance of experts when attempting to optimize their content, it has been claimed. Joanna Gadel of Australian search engine optimization (SEO) firm SEO Sydney makes […]

    ‘SEO lessons’ from Wikipedia


    There are some important search engine optimization (SEO) lessons to be learned from Wikipedia, it has been claimed. Writing for E-consultancy, SEO expert Patrick Altoft explains that the online encyclopedia […]