A report from InMobi found that mobile ad impressions increased 771 percent in 2011, signifying that marketers should focus on mobile elements of different web marketing channels this year.

Mobile ad network InMobi recently reported that ad impressions from mobile devices increased 771 percent in 2011. The continued growth likely means impressions will grow even further in 2012, while the rate of expansion should come down.

According to InMobi, smartphone and tablet growth is making it especially important for businesses to shift their web campaigns to be fully compatible with mobile devices. While the company analyzed only displays ads, these figures demonstrate the overall need to target search, social and email campaigns to mobile audiences as well.

Brafton recently highlighted the new mobile Search app for Android, which has been improved to make it easier for smartphone users to search from their handsets. With mobile search accounting for an increasingly large portion of queries, tailoring an SEO strategy to the habits of these users can help businesses improve web traffic and appeal to a greater audience.

Similarly, Brafton reported that more than half of tablet users access news content on their devices every day. Content marketing campaigns with the dual purposes of driving traffic and positioning a business as a thought leader can appeal to mobile users to a greater degree as more web-connected devices are in use. Additionally, news content marketing might help mobile marketers get an edge among these users.

“Mobile technologies have empowered the development of the media and advertising market and pushed consumer acceptance of media consumption through emerging channels,” James Lamberti, vice president of global research and marketing for InMobi, said in a release. “Advertisers are now on board with this trend and we expect to see strong innovation in this space as consumers spend more time on mobile devices and less on PCs.”

Even social media marketing campaigns have received a boost from mobile, with Brafton reporting that 72 million Americans have access to Twitter, Facebook and other social networks from their handsets.

Joe Meloni is Brafton's former Executive News and Content Writer. He studied journalism at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and has written for a number of print and web-based publications.