Marketing technology is a top priority for brands in 2015, and it's reflected in the conversations CMOs are having on Twitter.

We already know that marketing tech is a top priority among brands, with 80 percent saying they’ll be investing more resources than ever this year. A new report confirms marketers are freely sharing their interest in technology, through social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn.

LeadTail and Neustar teamed up to study 1,000 chief marketing officers, and confirmed marketing tech is at the forefront of discussions. Through an analysis of more than 131,000 Tweets, the report stated “the CMO-CIO relationship is getting serious,” with more CMOs actively educating themselves on tech developments and best practices.

The most popular stories shared by marketing leaders were mostly lists of the most popular CMOs (ego-centric much?), although a marketing tech article was among the top five shared articles.

MarTech Twitter Study


The study noted that more B2B brands are discussing marketing technology, while B2Cs remain focused on branding, but “the line between B2B and B2C marketing continues to blur.”

Neustar’s Digital Vice President Todd Wilms said “the explosion of marketing technologies and the rise of customer experience have positioned Chief Marketing Officers to play a more influential role in the C-Suite.”

In consuming and sharing more information about technology, marketers are not only staying up to date with the latest developments, but are also make a case for investing in marketing technologies for their own brands. When marketers can easily prove that their competitors are sharing information about trends, techniques and strategies, they will be more likely to receive buy in from their peers that this is important in staying up to speed.

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