Dan Zarrella analyzed a brief period without email popups on his site and revealed that they increase subscriptions.

Email marketing strategies are effective in keeping loyal customers around and enticing potential buyers, which is why marketers embrace the strategy. Collecting emails is a good way to generate leads and extend the brand community, hopefully resulting in further sales. Can email popups on websites help in this endeavor?

According to Dan Zarrella, social media scientist, email popups on websites generate leads effectively, despite the fact that some marketers say they annoy recipients. Zarella analyzed results on his site, finding that popups are a good way to put a call-to-action in front of viewers’ eyes.

No email popup? Bounce rates and subscription rates

Zarella’s email popup on his website was temporarily disabled, so he used the opportunity to go back and analyze his bounce rates and subscription rates to see the effect on users. Did he lose email subscribers? Did the bounce rate decrease because more users were willing to stick around?My Data Shows Email Popups Work and Don’t Hurt

Zarella found that the rate of emails given decreased significantly, while the bounce rate remained the same. He reported that using email marketing popups on websites should be a “no brainer” for marketers because, simply put, they work. Email popups do not cause users to leave websites and they increase the amount of emails given, leading to better lead generation efforts and more potential conversions.

Inboxes fill up as email marketing rises

Brafton recently reported that email marketing volume rose by 19 percent, showing content marketers that they need to remain ahead by creating custom content for email newsletters. As internet users see more in their inbox, it is important for brand leaders to develop email marketing strategies that set them apart. By creating email popups, content marketers can get in touch with potential leads and highlight emails worthy of consumers’ attention. If email marketing efforts don’t drive recipients toward a branded site, they are missing the mark.

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