Twitter's Activity Stream has been rolled out to more users in recent weeks after being launched last month.
Last month, Twitter began rolling out an Activity Stream to some of its users and allowing people to see when a follower favorites one of their Tweets within the @username tab. Now it seems the feature, which is vaguely similar to the Facebook News Feed, has become more visible.

Brafton recently noticed the feature on a client’s Twitter page. Like the Facebook News Feed, the Activity Stream aggregates activity from an account’s followers, such as new connections, list creations and other actions.

For social media marketers, the function will provide a clearer picture of a client or prospect’s activity, which can help guide decision-making and locate new leads.

The feature is still not active on most accounts, and there have been no announcements from Twitter regarding a full launch date or customization settings.

Twitter Activity Feed

Twitter added its Activity Feed last month, but it has recently made the feature available to more users.

Twitter has been quite in busy in recent weeks. Earlier this month, Brafton reported that the company has expanded its Promoted Tweets function by placing Tweet ads at the top of search results, whether or not the user is following the sponsoring company. Also, the social site now boasts more than 100 million users, half of which report tweeting at least once every day.

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