Longer, personalized video content retains consumer's attention longer than shorter and mass-targeted clips.

Online video consumption is at a tipping point, with consumers and businesses both eager to adopt new media channels. According to Nielsen’s Global Survey of Multi-Screen Media Usage, watching video content on personal computers is just as popular as viewing video on televisions among online consumers. Eighty-four percent of respondents watch video content at home on their computers compared to 83 percent on their TVs. More, 74 percent of global respondents said they watched video via the internet on numerous devices – up 4 percent from 2010.

Video Consumption ChartOnline video surpasses TV- Is this real life?
Marketers who develop video marketing campaigns geared toward lead generation and nurturing may be more likely to drive website conversions than those brands that don’t embrace visual media. Therefore, companies should maintain a certain level of curiosity in their promotional programs, looking to discover if select target audiences respond better to certain types of media.

Personal and regular vs. Mass market and periodical
According to SundaySky’s “2012 State of Online Video” study, personal relevance is essential for video engagement, and brands that develop tailored custom content for small audiences may see success. SundaySky noted that short-form videos produced for a massive market generates a 50 percent completion rate. In contrast, data showed that viewers dedicated 2.5 times more of their attention to watching slightly longer and personalized video content. Brands that can produce visual media regularly and publish content to their blogs consistently would be more apt to having an impact on consumer preferences than those organizations that allocate resources toward one, overly broad presentation once a quarter.

How can brands consistently produce video content?
As more brands use video to engage with their target audiences, the need for regular production will only grow stronger, and marketers must allocate resources toward the practice. Video content marketing can be a time consuming process that not every company can make room for in their day to day. However, content marketing services have the ability to funnel talent toward video production and publication, so businesses can maintain an active web presence that includes a variety of content types aimed at specific and unique consumer audiences.

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