A report from YuMe found that young adults are the best targets for video content marketing campaigns.

A report from YuMe, relayed by eMarketer, found that nearly 20 percent of web video viewers are adults between the ages of 25 and 34. While this audience is by far leading group of online video watchers of the measured age groups, video content has become more popular among most age groups included in the study and marketers might add it to their marketing mix accordingly.

Market share is expected to become more evenly distributed among the demographics moving forward as older and younger generations become more tech-savvy.

Currently, those 65 and older account for just 4.1 percent of all of video consumption on the web. This is expected to grow steadily in the next few years, reaching 6 percent in 2016, according to YuMe.

For marketers, creating video content that targets the 25-to-34 age group is most likely to result in conversions given the amount of content watched by this audience. Moreover, developing plans that target this group can help create spots that appeal to other markets.

Brafton recently reported that 180 million Americans watched video content on the web in February. This viewers combined saw more than 38 billion different videos in the month, and the figures are expected to rise throughout the year.

Joe Meloni is Brafton's former Executive News and Content Writer. He studied journalism at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and has written for a number of print and web-based publications.