Hey there – Molly here with this week’s Content + Coffee. We’re in the middle of summer and the last thing you want to think about is the end of the season – but a Google announcement proves it isn’t too early to promote back-to-school campaigns and – dare we say it – start planning for the holidays.  

Just this week, we’ve been seeing an uptick in people downloading our Holiday Marketing Checklist.

Content and Coffee 7.17 2And Google shared new data that search interest for “back to school” grew 48 percent last year. This year, back-to-school queries started trending a full week earlier than 2014, and THREE weeks earlier than 2013.

Take a look at how Google’s taking advantage of this: Having seen that 40 percent of back-to-school searches were done on mobile devices,  Google’s releasing a new “Buy on Google” button, on the grounds that it will help aid mobile shoppers as they browse, compare, and research products.

This goes to show that marketers always need to be thinking ahead to the next quarter’s campaigns to fully maximize efforts by the time the event rolls around.

Here’s what we suggest: Start brainstorming your larger holiday marketing campaigns soon. That way, you have the campaign’s foundation laid out so you can hit the ground running on it at the start of the fall, and see the results come October and November.

Content and Coffee 7.17 3Yahoo Holiday Shopping Trends reports that non-holiday businesses see 40 percent of their total sales in the last two months of the year – so even if you don’t plan something holiday related – it’s still a good idea to plan a big campaign to end the year strong.

So what do you think: Are we crazy for talking about the holidays in the middle of the summer, or are you on board to start brainstorming campaign ideas now? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

Whenever you start planning your holiday marketing campaigns, be sure to check out these resources:

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