Data from HubSpot shows that more landing pages lead to more leads.

Landing pages are product and service pages catering to those who are looking for more information about what a brand offers, and result in more leads, according to HubSpot’s “Marketing Benchmarks from 7,000 Businesses Study.” HubSpot studied 7,000 companies to find out just how many landing pages it takes to generate more leads in both B2C and B2B industry sectors.

Through the use of a new leads index, data clearly shows that more landing pages lead to more leads, with a direct correlation. Both B2C and B2B companies that had one to five landing pages had a new leads index of 100, while those with 11 to 15 landing pages gained an index of about 150. Additionally, B2B companies that had more than 40 pages reached an index of 550. These results, showing a pronounced relationship between leads and landing pages, demonstrate the need for content marketers and writers to create engaging, custom pages that tout brands’ best services, products and packages.Impact of number of landing pages on lead generation

According to HubSpot, companies saw a 55 percent increase in lead index when creating five additional landing pages.

HubSpot’s data also showed that the number of landing pages was more likely to have an effect on lead index in companies with one to 10 employees. Although companies with 11 to 50 employees and 51 or more employees saw positive correlations related to landing pages, small companies won the highest index in every category, garnering a 550 lead index with more than 40 pages, compared to 400 and 350 for businesses with more employees.

In the coming year, 43 percent of B2B brands and 45 percent of B2Cs will funnel more resources towards SEO content in the coming year, according to WebMarketing123′s “State of Digital Marketing 2012 Report.” Landing pages are not only an opportunity for marketers to showcase their brand’s offerings, but may also promote their sites in SERPs.

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