Yahoo! has formed a Digital Advisory Council which will work collaboratively to explore the continuing evolution of web advertising and digital media, it has announced.

The body will be comprised of industry executives from its agency and advertising partners, the company explained.

It will serve as a vehicle for soliciting feedback and supplement the search engine’s conversations with advertisers, it stated.

Hilary Schneider, executive vice-president of Yahoo! US, said: "We have formed the Digital Advisory Council to identify innovative ways to improve advertiser performance, particularly in anticipation of the rollout of Yahoo!’s new advertising management platform in the coming months."

She added the body will also provide a forum for the Sunnyvale-based firm to engage in dialogue with key customers on issues such as the implementation of its recent agreements with Google.

The Digital Advisory Council is to meet for the first time in the fourth quarter of 2008.

Reuters notes that Yahoo! intends to move ahead with a "radical redesign" of its homepage later this week.

Katherine Griwert is Brafton's Marketing Director. She's practiced content marketing, SEO and social marketing for over five years, and her enthusiasm for new media has even deeper roots. Katherine holds a degree in American Studies from Boston College, and her writing is featured in a number of web publications.