Gangnam Style become the most viewed video on YouTube, demonstrating that marketers should take advantage of video virality.

The world’s internet viewers have their eyes glued to the screen, watching TV shows, advertisements, video content and more on their PCs, tablets and smartphones. YouTube’s growing number of users and video views shows the power of video marketing, as so many are turning to moving pictures to get their fix.

According to YouTube, history was made in December 21, 2012, when “Gangnam Style,” a viral video created by PSY, a pop artist from South Korea, became the first video to hit 1 billion views. YouTube reported that the search term “gangnam style” gained more than five million searches in one day. The popularity of PSY’s video is indicative of the power of video alongside virality. When users like a video, they tell their friends, who tell their friends, who tell their friends and so on and so forth.Gangnam Style

Marketers can take advantage of the rising trend of online video and work to gain a presence with promotional messages, how-to videos and other relevant, custom content that shows their brands are industry leaders. Brafton reported that 92 percent of mobile video viewers share content with friends, family and even the general public, representing a substantial opportunity for video to go viral, especially if the content is humorous, fun, relevant and helpful. Cisco Internet Business Solutions showed that 70 percent of U.S. broadband users watched online video content at least once per week – marketers can take advantage.

Although video marketing is a relatively new avenue for many marketers, the rise of YouTube and online video could give brands a competitive edge. If competitors are slow to adopt online video strategies, brands who implement them can benefit. If PSY’s YouTube video can gain 1 billion views over the course of several months, there is room for marketers to take advantage.

Emma Siemasko is a former member of Brafton's editorial team. Emma has experience with blogging, travel writing, industry news, SEO and content marketing. She used to live in South Korea, where she mastered the art of using metal chopsticks.