Expert Support

Brafton consultants are the mechanics, surgeons and professors of social media marketing.

With experience spanning all channels and industries, your assigned consultant has the expert knowledge to refine your brand’s social presence.

Consulting Services

Consultants offer specialist insight to implement social media strategies customized to your brand.

We provide ongoing consultation on channel updates, trends, changes, engagement solutions and progressive strategies.

When you work with Brafton, everything is planned out in advance, with all stakeholders given full visibility into the past, present and future trajectory of your social media marketing.

These efforts empower you and your team to execute on and build a strong, trusted voice in the crowded social space.

Social Media Management

You wouldn’t run a marathon without training. We don’t manage social media without a strategy.

More than just publishing social posts, your consultant creates 360-degree strategies that span all the platforms of your choosing. We share content that connects, converts and contributes to your bottom line.

It’s social media with purpose.

With a focus on engaging viewers through relevant content and networking with industry influencers, social media is more than just a marketing strategy. It’s a business strategy.

We manage your social channels on a monthly basis, taking the burden off you and your team. Each management strategy reflects the intent of each social channel, allowing you to devote resources to the platforms your audience uses most.

Powerful Insights

Brafton consultants see data differently than most. With extensive experience and savvy social intuition, they interpret the numbers through the prism of your commercial objectives.

We provide custom reporting that dives deeper into the data, sharing insights into how well your strategy is performing. If something isn’t working, we define tactical next steps to fix it.

We also remove any vanity metrics so that your analytics are as accurate and actionable as possible. Your boss will thank you for this.

Through social listening, your strategist identifies how you brand is being mentioned across social channels. He or she flags any concerns and offers quick resolutions to keep a positive conversation going.

Strategic Research

Consultants research methods to take your social media to the next level and collaborate with your team to make this happen. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions.

Operating from an intent-driven keyword strategy, optimal ad spend figures and relevant networks for your brand, we build a blueprint for your brand’s success.

We’re fluent in all of the industry’s best supportive tools, including Sprout Social, Google Analytics, BuzzSumo, SEMrush and many more. If there’s data you need to know about, we’ve got it.

Targeted Solutions

Brafton offers several brand-specific solutions to elevate your social media presence.

With paid search and social ad management, we advise you on where your money is best spent for maximum results. Our strategists work across all major social platforms and are well-versed in implementing display ads, retargeting, syndication and Google Shopping Campaigns.

For Twitter, we offer live tweeting and follower pushes. To engage and convert users across all pages, we create and manage social media contests.

We distribute press releases to turn your company’s newsworthy events into greater search presence, targeted brand awareness and organic industry coverage. We manage email newsletter marketing to nurture your subscribers and keep your followers completely updated on your business.

To connect your content with the right audience, your Brafton team creates buyer personas. This approach allows you to communicate with your audience in more strategic ways and better attribute ROI on your efforts.

Social Identity

Every brand needs a personality. Social media is a podium to voice that personality.

With campaign content calendar development, SEO-focused content mapping and persona research and development, Brafton helps you develop and refine your brand’s social identity.

We assess your social community, analyze competitor online and social presences and determine your audience’s current perceptions of your brand. With this insight, we implement solutions that empower your brand to rise to the top of your playing field.

Seamless Collaboration

Brafton consultants make social media easy.

With an innate understanding of your goals and objectives, we collaborate toward success.

We create victories small and large, and build upon them to drive end-to-end results.