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*Note: Video is not supported by the Joomla 2.5 component


v0.9 – May 2013
  • Added: OpenGraph tags for smoother social automation
  • Fixed: Internal asset not being generated on some systems
v0.8 – April 2013
  • Added: Meta keyword and description population (if provided in feed)
  • Added: noindex, follow meta robots tag for categories
  • Added: Parent category option to ease Category Blog setup
  • Fixed: Whiplash when expanding Advanced settings pane
  • Fixed: Title and icon not appearing correctly in Components menu
v0.7 – March 2013
  • Added: Support for article updates
  • Added: Support for loading feeds via cURL
  • Fixed: Cron triggering too often on some systems
  • Added: Option to import articles as unpublished
v0.5 – February 2013
  • Added: Self-repair for corrupt categories
  • Added: Component log viewer
  • Fixed: Install issues with databases using the MyISAM engine
  • Fixed: Image links not being generated correctly on Windows systems
v0.4 – January 2013
  • Initial release.

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Component Requirements

  • Joomla 2.5
  • MySQL database
  • PHP 5

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  1. Download the Joomla 2.5 component.
  2. Log in to your Joomla administrator section.
  3. Under Extensions, browse to the Extension Manager.
  4. Choose to upload a file under Upload Package File, then choose the component.
  5. Click Upload & Install.
  6. You will be presented with a message indicating if the installation was successful.

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To activate automatic article importing, both the Brafton Article Importer component and the Brafton Cron plugin must be configured and enabled.

Component Configuration

Standard Settings

These settings are required for the article importer to work correctly.

  • API Key: Your unique access key. This will be provided by your account manager.
  • API Domain: The serving URL of your custom content. This will be provided by your account manager.
  • Post Author: The Joomla user that imported articles will be attributed to.
Advanced Settings
  • Article Date: Date to use as the article’s “Created Date” attribute.
  • Published Status: Initial published status of the imported article.

Plugin Configuration

  • Set Interval: Minutes between each check for new articles. This should be set at least 180 (three hours). Lower values may cause excess strain on your server.
  • The Brafton Cron plugin is disabled by default. In order to complete the configuration process, the plugin must be enabled.