Shopify Integration Support

Our Shopify Importer is a private application that we host and run on our servers for the purpose of automating the delivery of Brafton products. In order to integrate Brafton content with a Shopify-hosted site, we will require the following store-specific details:

  1. Shopify Store Name
  2. Private Application API Key
  3. Private Application API Password
  4. Shopify blog id

Get the Store Name

First off, getting the store name can be confounding.  The quickest way to retrieve this would be by looking at the login url and noting the subdomain.



In the above image, you’ll notice the url in the address bar.  The subdomain portion of the url, ‘brafton-importer’, equates to the store name that we are looking for.  Generally, the login url will be constructed as follows:


Private Application API Key & Private Application API Password

Click the ‘Apps’ link in the left-hand navigation within the Shopify client dashboard.


Click the ‘Manage private apps’ link from the location /admin/apps.


From /admin/apps/private click ‘Create a new private app’.


From /admin/apps/private/new, complete the following circled fields.


Private app name can be anything the user chooses.

Contact email would be relative to the client.

Within the Admin API section, we need  ‘Read and Write’ access. All other fields can be left at their default value.

Check the Storefront API option and click save.  You will be redirected to a new page for the private application.

Please make note of the following fields on the new page:


Here you will see the API key and its associated password which can be revealed by clicking the ‘Show’ link.

Blog Id

The blog id can be obtained at the following location:



By clicking the link that pertains to the blog scheduled for integration, the blog id will be revealed in the url address bar on page resolution.