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Obtaining your Wistia account details

In order to deliver videos from the brafton/contentlead/castleford feed to a Wistia project, 2 pieces of Wistia-specific data will be required.

Wistia Project ID

Firstly, we will need the id of the Wistia project to which the client intends to port Brafton videos. Every Wistia project has its own unique id. From within the Wistia account dashboard, you can locate the project id by visiting /projects and selecting the project intended as the destination for the Brafton videos.

The project id is visible in the address bar as the value immediately following the project directory:

Wistia API password

Obtain the Wistia API password from the location /account/api or navigating to Account>Settings>API Access in the menu. Every Wistia account comes with a default master token as seen in the image that follows. Copy the password.

Wistia master token

Verify that the API permissions are fully enabled for integration by clicking the edit link in the above image.

Wistia permissions

There should be a check in the first box, Read, update, and delete anything. If it is unchecked, check it.