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    How to interpret your average session duration


    Numbers don’t always tell the whole story – and that’s especially true when you’re talking about site analytics. Here’s what you need to know about average session duration.

    A content marketer’s guide to creating personas


    Everyone LOVES to talk about “buyer personas” these days. Sexy buzzword? Definitely. Valuable exercise? Certainly, but only if you wield these personas correctly.

    Brafton 2017 Content Marketing Benchmark Report


    We’ve examined Google Analytics data from 181 websites from 2015 to 2016 in order to establish industry benchmarks across a wide swath of web analytics metrics. The outcome of our […]


    An interview with Rand Fishkin, the Wizard of Moz


    We sat down with Rand Fishkin with the initial intention of writing a story called, “How Brafton uses MozTools,” but after an hour of speaking with him, we realized there […]

    Rethinking social media strategy in 2017 [success story]


    One of our clients saw 82.6% more revenue and a 228.3% increase in conversions from a stronger, more dynamic approach to social media marketing.

    Remember when we saw Google naked?


    We explore why giving a blog post a creative title made Google think it was about something entirely different than content marketing.

    Not all scary numbers want to eat you [success story]


    B2B analytics that seem bad at first might actually reveal positive marketing ROI if you look closer. See how it worked out for one of Brafton’s clients.

    I saw Google naked in the shower


    A lesson in learning more about Google’s ranking algorithm through researching a Google Analytics anomaly on our own blog.