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    Confused about using memes in content marketing?


    What do you do when you get to work and your boss wants to use a new meme in your strategy? (Don’t worry. We’re here to help.)

    Create B2B content that is as different as your buyer personas


    No two B2B buyer personas are alike – here are some tips for writing content that appeals to each different personality.

    Bring the gridiron online: Best Super Bowl ad campaigns


    Want your marketing strategies to be Super Bowl-worthy? These successful campaigns provide valuable lessons for marketers to score big with your audience.

    3 steps to close in on your target audience


    When you know your audience, you can create more engaging, targeted content that will be more effective at turning readers into potential customers.

    Rumor has it Twitter will enter retargeting game with new ad offering


    ​AdAge reports that Twitter has plans to develop a retargeting option for advertisers similar to Facebook Exchange.