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    The Greatest Reward: Meeting Brafton At The Finish Line


    In Boston, the month of April brings joy to the entire city. We’ve definitely got baseball and often times we have playoff hockey and playoff basketball. It’s often the time […]

    A Festacle spectacle unlike the rest-acle


    How do you showcase your talented video marketers? Throw a viewing party, of course! We call it Festacle, and we’re OK with that.

    Alex Dorian: Brafton’s own world-traveling, technical-writing rocker


    Alex Dorian’s writing skills have taken him halfway across the world and given him valuable insight into content marketing.

    Star Wars and social media marketing: A Cassidy Wilson story


    Cassidy Wilson breaks down Brafton’s Jedi master(y) of social media marketing.

    Run, Emily, Run! A Braftonian takes on the Boston Marathon


    Boston’s Emily Clark has mastered Content Marketing Strategies, but now she’s taking on a bigger task: The Boston Marathon.

    The forecast is bright: Erin Hancock on social media


    Explore the importance of social media marketing with Brafton’s Erin Hancock.

    For the love of sweets and fundraising


    What do you get when you mix sweet treats and charity on Valentine’s Day at Brafton?

    Pancakes at Brafton: Giving back has never tasted so good


    A thank you breakfast following a charity fundraiser in our Boston office spurs a new tradition at Brafton.

    Over and around: Andrew Walters on Brafton Consulting


    Brafton’s Consulting department works tirelessly to improve our clients’ marketing efforts. Meet the man leading the charge.