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    Facebook changes the social game with decreased brand visibility


    The plunging visibility of Facebook posts is coming to a head, and businesses should reevaluate how they post to social networks.

    What selfies mean for marketing


    Need proof that web marketing is indeed a fluid process that demands your attention at every stage of the game? Learn how the selfie is already impacting web marketing.

    Brands that blog daily see better content marketing results


    There’s mounting evidence that consistent content creation is an important ingredient for successful web marketing campaigns.

    LinkedIn says buzzwords are killing your personal brand


    The easiest way to say something is not always the best way to create a unique brand identity, and many marketers are making this mistake.

    Instagram shows how images boost brand awareness


    Instagram ad success points to the rise of visual content, but marketers don’t have to pay for results with strong graphics strategies.

    Brands pinning & tweeting to social commerce success


    Which social networks deliver results? Data shows companies thrive with a mix of text and visual content to drive cross-platform conversions.

    Building brand sentiment top priority for 2013


    ‚ÄčBusinesses are funneling resources toward video marketing, social media content creation and mobile SEO to increase brand sentiment in 2013.

    Branding ‘the most important’ component to SMB success [data]


    ‚ÄčA new study shows how even small businesses see the value of branding throughout their internet marketing efforts.

    Are 3 million brands making the most of their LinkedIn pages?


    LinkedIn now hosts 3 million company pages, but brands need to share social media content strategically to generate leads and conversions.