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    Consumers Like brands on Facebook because…


    ‚ÄčA new study outlines the top reasons users Like brands on Facebook, and how it differs by company and industry.

    Brands know they need to expand their internet marketing practices [study]


    Numerous studies point to the same conclusion – content marketing is becoming the focus of brands’ digital advertising strategies.

    One in three web users discover brands through social media marketing


    A new study suggests social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive website traffic, second only to organic search.

    Will brands lose clicks at hands of new Google Image Search arrows?


    Some search analysts noted Google now includes navigation arrows in image searches, which might cause brands to lose clickthroughs.

    Why some brands stand behind native ads and others shrink away


    Native advertising is surfacing as a controversial internet marketing practice. Before moving forward, consider the costs and benefits.

    Do brands have a social media sales problem?


    Social media marketing offers many benefits, but some say ecommerce sales isn’t one of them. What some networks are doing about it.