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    When is the best time to post a blog?


    If a blog post is published and no one’s around to read it, did it even happen?

    How Content Marketing and Influencer Marketing Work Together


    Without relevant content, influencers have nothing to promote, and without influencers, content creators aren’t amplifying their message. Here’s how to pair the two.

    What should content marketers make of the Twitter 280-character limit update?


    Twice as much ad space could be a blessing or a curse for your brand.

    We analyzed 181 websites: Here are the mobile vs desktop benchmarks you need to know


    Nearly 4 billion people are online at any given moment. That means internet penetration has reached 52 percent of all humans alive today. Only a small sliver of these users […]

    How to propel your brand forward with content distribution


    You’ve got great content, but are you getting great traction? Here is your guide on how to get your content in front of your audience with the right distribution methods.

    Lights, camera, ROI: Maximize your video marketing


    There’s no excuse for falling behind on your video marketing strategy.

    Mobile matters: Why mobile video is life or death for your brand


    If you’re not sure why mobile matters for your video marketing strategy, it’s time to remove the ultra-dark sunglasses you’ve apparently been wearing and take a look around. Chances are […]

    Email UX: Save the spam for your scrambled eggs


    Ignoring UX best practices for your email marketing is a one-way ticket to spam city.

    Brafton’s Weekly Content Marketing Roundup: May 1 – May 5


    From email ROI to graphics gold, this week’s content marketing roundup has it all.