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    How to Convert HTTP to HTTPS: A Quick Guide [Infographic]


    HTTPS is the new security standard, and marketers who’ve yet to make the switch are already far behind their digital peers.

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    Curated blog, email and social content may be your ticket to marketing success.

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    This is Why 2-Minute Videos Suck For Lead Generation (Video)


    Video content only succeeds if people watch it. Here’s how to find the perfect video length for optimum views.

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    Another year of content marketing just around the corner!

    Cooking up content with Brafton’s Molly Ploe


    There’s no secret ingredient. Just hard work.

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    Is your strategy aligned with Google’s big changes?

    Turn it up to 11 with Brafton’s Jason Kolkey


    Writer, romanticist, metalhead, doctor. All of the above.

    The Content Marketing Weekly: Avoiding SEO mistakes, optimizing content and budgeting for the future


    It’s not about how much content you have but how you use it.