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    May the code be with you: Web dev jedi Deryk King


    What does a web developer do? Director of Technical Services Deryk King gives us the dish, and a whole lot more.

    The art of the deal: Sales and strategy with Joe D’Angelo


    Joe D’Angelo explains how he became Brafton’s very own sales and strategy guru.

    Alex Dorian: Brafton’s own world-traveling, technical-writing rocker


    Alex Dorian’s writing skills have taken him halfway across the world and given him valuable insight into content marketing.

    Brafton CEO Richard Pattinson predicts the future of content marketing


    The content marketing of the recent past is not the content marketing of now. Brafton’s CEO gives his insight on the industry and what it takes to succeed.

    Star Wars and social media marketing: A Cassidy Wilson story


    Cassidy Wilson breaks down Brafton’s Jedi master(y) of social media marketing.

    Run, Emily, Run! A Braftonian takes on the Boston Marathon


    Boston’s Emily Clark has mastered Content Marketing Strategies, but now she’s taking on a bigger task: The Boston Marathon.

    The forecast is bright: Erin Hancock on social media


    Explore the importance of social media marketing with Brafton’s Erin Hancock.

    The many hats of Brafton Strategist Matt Kaplan


    Matt Kaplan has seen it all in his content marketing career, including leaving Brafton (spoiler alert: he came back).

    Success by design: An unusual climb up the career ladder


    Brafton’s flexible job opportunities gave Katherine Tancreti a chance to pursue her passion for marketing and design in her new role on the Consulting team.