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    Grow your audience: Striving to reach the third circle

    According to content creation expert Joe Pulizzi, the key to successful social distribution is in reaching the third circle of followers online.

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    How to tell if people are engaging with your content #12DaysofContent

    Marketers create content to engage their prospects, but they need to measure their results with content analytics and make improvements to improve conversion rates.

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    How to entertain people with your content #12DaysofContent

    Marketers should be focused on creating entertaining content. It’s what customers want, and it’s good for their bottom lines – here are tips to measure the value.

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    Tell a better story: Long-form, in-depth articles get 2x as much engagement

    Online audiences are warming up to longer articles, and brands creating in-depth pieces are getting more engaged visitors and web conversions.

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    How to cut your content’s bounce rate #12DaysofContent

    These tips to lower your site’s bounce rate can help you get more value from your traffic and engagement on content.

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