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    Tech buyers read brand content to inform purchase decisions


    Marketing survey reveals that tech buyers read between 2 and 5 pieces of content before purchasing.

    ​5 Tips to optimize video content for higher web conversion rates


    Video is hot right now, but marketers need the right search optimization strategies to ensure their videos are found online.

    The key to social media success in 2015: Diversify your strategy


    A recent Pew report found that people are using more social networks, and brands need diverse social media marketing strategies to reach them.

    The right (& wrong) ways to cut corners with a content marketing budget


    This list of dos and don’ts can help you get more out of your content marketing budget without having to spend more money.

    Mobile site adoption rates are lower than you’d think


    Reports show that marketers still need to optimize their websites for mobile viewers – a mistake that could cost them SEO wins and sales.

    How a commercial blog beat well-known publishers in search


    One Brafton client’s corporate blog ranked at the top of search results for a targeted keyword, beating out well-known publishers.

    Facebook: Few new users, higher engagement [study]


    The leader in social referral traffic may have hit its peak with users, but engagement and daily usage is on the rise, according to a study by Pew.

    Strategic intentions – #MarketingTWIT


    The enlightened marketer digs deep. No funnel vision. #MarketingTWIT

    Study: Video content increases average order value


    New research shows that the more marketing videos that customers watch, the higher their average order value is.