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    Mobile site adoption rates are lower than you’d think

    Reports show that marketers still need to optimize their websites for mobile viewers – a mistake that could cost them SEO wins and sales.

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    10 content marketing resolutions for 2015

    Here are 10 content marketing resolutions that can help you become more successful and stand out from the competition in 2015.

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    Lyrics in Google search – the beginning of the end for organic content?

    Google starts showing song lyrics directly in search results, and the Knowledge Graph could continue to show content in results pages.

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    Why content marketing is killing impulse purchases

    Consumers aren’t buying on impulse anymore. They’re researching products by reading web content before purchasing.

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    3 tips to cut the holiday marketing stress & get the most out of content

    The holidays are a busy time for marketers. Here are ways they can the most out of their content marketing services.

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    How to build your authority by being in the right place at the right time

    Editors note: This is a guest contribution from Ann Smarty. When we first met Ann at a marketing conference, we instantly recognized her face from her social media icons. (Fun… Read more »

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