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    #WAM: Syncing Search Console will make you a rockstar analyst


    We try to keep our metrics as secular as possible, but in this case, we must bend a knee. No other metric gives you a health check, segmented landing page […]

    #WAM: Identifying and killing spam bots


    A surprise spike in data? How exciting. Oh wait… Lions and tigers and spam bots, oh my! Spambots are the bane of digital marketers’ existence, throwing false positives and negatives […]

    How to interpret your average session duration


    Numbers don’t always tell the whole story – and that’s especially true when you’re talking about site analytics. Here’s what you need to know about average session duration.

    The best content for every stage of your marketing funnel


    Picture this: You’ve spent three years at your company. You like it, you’re doing well and you’re starting to feel confident. Not “tell-your-boss-off confident” or “show-up-three-hours-late confident,” but you’re feeling […]

    Brafton 2017 Content Marketing Benchmark Report


    We’ve examined Google Analytics data from 181 websites from 2015 to 2016 in order to establish industry benchmarks across a wide swath of web analytics metrics. The outcome of our […]

    Google Analytics goals: Your ticket to going platinum


    Sit in the front row as Brendon Cottreau walks you through setting up Google Analytics goals that will deliver ROI on your hard work.