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    How do you create content that Google loves?


    It’s a trick question. What you should be asking yourself is, “How do I create content people love?” Google has advanced to the point where its algorithm has an advanced […]

    From keywords to content: Walk a mile in searchers’ shoes


    Searcher intent is just as important as the content you create, so develop a strategy based on what your prospects are looking for.

    Remember when we saw Google naked?


    We explore why giving a blog post a creative title made Google think it was about something entirely different than content marketing.

    Burn it to the ground – an SEO story [success story]


    No niche is too small to optimize for search. See how we helped one very niche client improve their SEO with keyword analysis, technical maintenance and content creation.

    Why you need to start using Search Console


    Think using Google Analytics is enough? Think again.

    It’s February: Are you using expanded text ads yet?


    Google is no longer accepting new standard text ads. Here’s what you need to know about the shift to expanded text ads.

    I saw Google naked in the shower


    A lesson in learning more about Google’s ranking algorithm through researching a Google Analytics anomaly on our own blog.

    Content pruning: When to delete, deindex and repurpose


    Learn how pruning can help optimize your content marketing.