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    The world is her canvas: Senior Graphic Designer Ali Eagle


    Learn all you’ve ever wanted to know about being a creative designer with Brafton’s own Ali Eagle.

    5 steps to get the most ROI out of your infographic [infographic]


    Your infographic isn’t meant to sit solely on your website. Bring in ROI by repurposing and distributing across your marketing channels.

    The recipe for winning infographics


    Graphics are one of the web’s fastest growing formats, but there’s still a lot of uncertainty about what exactly goes into a good graphic.

    What We’ve Learned From Hundreds of Client Infographics: Designing for Success


    As result of Brafton’s infographic marketing services’ review, our product offerings have been updated to reflect best practices in UX and readability.

    Design tips for more conversions #12DaysOfContent


    The graphic marketing strategy you create for your site can help you drive more conversions and sales.

    75 percent of tech companies outsource writing, 51 percent outsource graphics


    Infographics are a great resource for holiday content marketing promotions, particularly in the tech industry in which over half of brands outsource graphic production.

    15 Tips for marketers about making successful graphics


    Here are tips from our graphics experts about how marketers can create stunning and successful visuals for their brands.

    This simple change can get people to stay on your site 28% longer


    Adding featured images to posts can significantly impact your content’s success. Here are the results a Brafton client saw when it started using pictures.

    7 Spooky infographics show “boring industries” can have fun on Pinterest


    How can a B2B use Pinterest? Infographic marketing