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    Just Trust Me – #MarketingTwit


    When jumping on a viral trend is not such a good idea…

    Video Visions – #MarketingTwit


    The reason why your ‘simple’ video campaign turns into a hot mess.

    ‘And More’ as sloppy copy – #MarketingTwit


    Adding ‘AND MORE’ on your website: An open-ended invitation to make requests, or a lazy phrase that sets up unreasonable customer expectations? #CleanerCopy #MarketingTWIT

    Strategic intentions – #MarketingTWIT


    The enlightened marketer digs deep. No funnel vision. #MarketingTWIT

    Keyword stuffing – #MarketingTWIT


    In this week’s illustrated Tweet, we predict Google is not having any keyword stuffing this Thanksgiving. #Marketing #TWIT

    Penguin or Panda – Marketing #TWIT


    Penguin and Panda: Old news? Our latest marketing cartoon ponders whether brands finally *get* content is best for SEO. Marketing #TWIT

    Buzzwords make marketing zombies – Marketing #TWIT


    Adding too many buzzwords may incentivize your marketing synergy to become a zombie! See our illustrated Tweet for more. Marketing #TWIT

    Tailgates, hashtags & selfies – Marketing #TWIT


    Some of the greatest marketing moments come during sporting events (and tailgates). In this Marketing TWIT, we wonder if there’s ever a time to ‘turn off.’ Marketing #TWIT

    Dreaming of SEO – Marketing #TWIT


    Check out our weekly illustrated marketing Tweet! We find clever, curious and otherwise notable Tweets and design a fun illustration. Marketing #TWIT