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    Is content marketing more like journalism, or the other way around?


    Google recently launched Media Tools, a platform that supports brand journalism and marketers are wise to leverage timely get on board.

    Twitter experiments with tailored ad targeting


    Twitter announced it will soon deliver ads tailored to users’ interests in an effort to provide relevant, real-time content.

    News content readers say site speed matters most for mobile [study]


    Brands with fast-loading mobile sites see better traffic and conversions from their news content because speed is the most important to UX.

    Custom content must satisfy readers’ news cravings


    Brands can fill a growing gap in traditional reporting with news content marketing.

    B2Bs with customer-centric custom content score better leads [data]


    Content marketing is a winning strategy for lead generation, and customer centricity is the key to success.

    News breaks fast on Facebook: News content marketing helps brands win leads


    ​Major networks’ news content quality continues to dip, while consumers head to social media resources for the latest current events.

    Struggling with strategy: B2B content marketing still met with challenges


    ​A new study shows that business-facing brands still struggle to allocate appropriate resources toward content creation efforts.

    Content Marketing: Your ‘relationship tool’ for awareness and sales


    ​A new study shows that today’s modern marketer can see high returns with branded web content, video content and infographics.

    Brands with online newsrooms still lack SEO, content plans


    A new study shows that companies realize they need custom news content, but they don’t understand how to leverage this media for search and social marketing.