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    Everything’s coming up brand ads (on the web)


    Promotional brand content is taking on a new look as it moves onto visually focused social networks like Instagram and Pinterest.

    What marketers need to know before they invest in native ads


    Marketers are dipping their toes in native ad waters, but they need to know the benefits and drawbacks before diving in headfirst.

    To combat rising CPC, marketers must focus on SEO


    Adobe recently released data showing CPC is on the rise and marketers need to focus on SEO to dominate SERPs.

    Facebook not supporting brands’ sponsored search results now


    Facebook is putting its sponsored ads on pause as part of its larger efforts to streamline social media marketing options.

    Marketers take on new SEO frontiers as desktop ad spending peaks [data]


    Content marketing strategies must be agile to keep up with search marketing landscape changes, including the peak of desktop ad spending.

    When a picture is worth a thousand (paid) clicks


    Google announced brands will be able to enhance paid search ads with images, a change that improves user experience and promotion performance.

    B2C brands take the paid search lead with quality custom content


    Big businesses are spending more on paid search ads, but smaller brands are staying competitive with strong SEO strategies and content marketing campaigns.

    Marketers spend more on search ads and content to keep websites fresh


    Search ad revenue and content marketing budgets rise as companies realize fresh content keeps their websites in the spotlight.

    AdWords Editors updates give marketers reins in paid search campaigns


    Google recently updated AdWords Editor features to give marketers more control over their paid search campaigns.