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    Why blog? Marketers with content are 13x more likely to see ROI


    A survey of marketers found companies that blog are 13x more likely to see ROI than their competitors.

    57 percent of tech companies outsource (at least) part of their content marketing


    Tech companies outsource their content marketing to keep up with consumer trends and compete over the holidays.

    Don’t run out of content marketing fuel! 25 percent of auto marketers lack budget


    Auto companies are ahead of the game with content marketing, but they need the budget to back up their ambitious plans.

    How advanced is your content marketing? 18 percent have a strategy for each channel


    A study found 18 percent of companies have content marketing strategies for each channel. Here’s why they’re winning:

    Financial services and banks outsource content to overcome challenges


    Financial services firms tend to outsource their content creation to secure marketing benefits and avoid resourcing challenges.

    Rerouting holiday travel purchases: 60 percent search first when booking


    As holiday travel and purchases rev up, studies indicate search is the channel consumers consult first when booking.

    30 percent of Cyber Monday transactions will be mobile


    Increased holiday purchasing isn’t confined to desktop computers – Almost one third of all purchases will be on a smartphone or tablet.

    ​Almost half of businesses expect 10-24 percent of holiday revenue to come from email


    Brands can’t afford to overlook email marketing this holiday season, as it’s the time when many nurture campaigns and outreach efforts come to fruition and pay revenue dividends.

    Search & social are the digital darlings of 2014 holiday marketing budgets


    As holiday sales migrate online, more marketers dedicate the lion’s share of their digital marketing budgets to search and social media.