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    Eight link building resolutions for 2013 SEO – 3rd Thursday Tip


    Linkbuilding isn’t what it used to be – article marketing or reciprocal link deals don’t cut it. Instead, it’s all about content marketing that’s aimed at strengthening your online voice, […]

    Content marketing tip: Toot your horn to turn a profit [Video]


    With all the resources you invest toward turning a profit, a new study from Edelman suggests that your biggest conversion driver may be your company’s charitable nature.

    Don’t serve day-old social content [Video]


    Nielsen data shows people spend significant time on social media, but brands might not be investing enough in social media marketing.

    Testimonial: Allegis Group Services builds authority with Brafton content marketing [Video]


    Allegis Group Services describes content marketing from Brafton as an “art and science,” high on creativity, strategy and results.

    Testimonial: Experience.com says Brafton content marketing fuels revenue growth [Video]


    Experience.com discusses the ways Brafton has improved revenue for its company.

    Testimonial: CADD Edge on how Brafton content marketing gives ‘an edge over the competition’ [Video]


    CADDEdge offers insight on the benefits of working with Brafton for content marketing.

    How can I create stronger calls to action around my website content? (video) – 3rd Thursday Tip


    Brafton offers conversion optimization tips in this month’s Third Thursday Tip video. Learn about how to put stronger calls to action around website content.